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brisket, 56/72 Beef is highly recommended for Sous Vide. You can produce some astonishing results with chewy and tough cuts like for instance brisket.
Beef must not exceed 60 degrees c. This will result in meat that is gray, chewy and in general bland.

If you have not yet invested invested in a waterbath, please try out the Sous vide in a beer cooler method

Cooking temperature and time table:
Temperature/time often vary from person to person, and this temperature/time table is to be considered as a rule of thumb.

Rare: 51.5
Medium-rare: 54.5
Medium: 60.0


Preparation time:
A rule of thumb is, that the tougher the meat, the longer the time.
Brisket will require 72 hours to become tender, where as loin does not require long time, because its tender from the beginning.

Bow56,572 hours
Cuvette56,520 hours
Entrecôtes56,55 hours
Flank steak56.510-30 hours
Hamburgers56,01-6 hours
Topside56,026 hours
Loin54,75-6 hours
Osso Buco57,056 hours
Roast58,58-12 hours
Brisket56,572 hours
Sirloin56,011 hours

In general beef can be prepared in two different ways Sous Vide.
1. Steaks: Vacuum seal and submerge. When they have been cooked for the given time, unpack and sear briefly on a hot cast iron skillet
2. Roasts: Sear briefly on a hot cast iron skillet, vacuum pack and submerge in waterbath. When the given time is up, unpack and cut in appropriate pieces, and serve.

Notes and pictures of Sous Vide prepared food.:
Chopped steak
Beer cooler Sous Vide

2 pcs. Hamburger 180 g.
Hamburger prepared and frosen. Direcktly in the waterbath from the freezer.
Seared on hot skillet afterwards.

Temperature: 60,0
Timespan: hr 1700 - 1815 (1 hour og 15 min)

Realy nice hamburger, realy good burger. Not the last time this was done.
Frossen bøf Sous vide tilberedt bøf sous vide tilberedt burger bøf En lækker bid sous vide burger bøf

2 pcs sirloin steaks 110 g. each.
Vacuum packed at the butcher. Salt and steak spice added when the steak was seared on the iron skillet.

Temperature: 58,5
Timespan: kl 1400 - 1900 (5 hours)

Temperature a bit to high. Next time, 2 degrees down and double the timespan. Nevertheless a steak above average.
Højreb sous vide en bid sous vide

Oxbow a 750 g.
Trimmed for fat. Seared on cast iron skillet. Rosemary and bacon added to try to ad smoky flavour.

Temperature: 56,5
Timespan: 191211 kl 1830 - 221211 kl 1830 (72 hours)

Nice piece of meat. Juicy and tender the old fashioned way, without beeing dry. To little bacon to give any notable taste/aroma.
Bov sous vide Stegt med bacon Bov vacuumpakket og klar til badet

Chopped steak
Salt and pebber. Vacuum packed, submerged and seared on cast iron skillet
Served with fried onions, potatoes and gravy.

Temperature: 56,5
Timespan: 1500-1900 (4 hours)

Nice chopped steak, juicy and great taste.
Hakkebøf Hakkebøf vacuumformet Det ferdige måltid

Roast beef 1200g
Seared on cast iron skillet, + salt and pepper.

Temperature: 58,5
Timespan: 0730-1900 (11,5 hours)

Tender and juicy.
Please note how little the amount of meat juice there is on the cutting board..
Vacuumpakket Skåret Serveret

Brisket is a realy chewy and tough cut, and should have 72 hours
1 psc 1,1kg cut in two 2.
Seared on cast iron skillet.
1 with smoke salt, smoke oil, 5 peppercorn and a little butter.
1 with salt, 5 peppercorn, onion rings and a little butter.

Temperature: 56,5
Timespan: 06-12-11 kl 1530 - 09-12-11 kl 1930 (76 hours)

Extremely tender the old fashioned way. The gravy made from the meat juices was fantastic.

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