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sous vide porkchop Most pepole do not like cooked pork to be pink, so often the temperature is raised a little to prevent that (61 degrees). If this temperature is chosen it is recommended to put the meat in a brine for a couple of hours before cooking Sous Vide.
Brine: to 1L water add 70g salt and 30g sucker

Cooking temperature and time table:

Rare: 51.5
Medium-rare: 54.5
Medium: 60.0

Pork chop61,04 hours
Tenderloin56,52-6 hours
Spareribs71-8012-30 hours
Ham65,010 hours

In general Pork can be prepared in two different ways Sous Vide.
1. Pork chops: Vacuum seal and submerge. When they have been cooked for the given time, unpack and sear briefly on a hot cast iron skillet
2. Roasts: Sear briefly on a hot cast iron skillet, vacuum pack and submerge in waterbath. When the given time is up, unpack and cut in appropriate pieces, and serve.

Notes and pictures af Sous Vide cooked food:
Pork chop
Pork neck

2 pcs pork chops, ca 500g total.
1 pcs med rosemary, salt pepper
1 pcs med smoke salt, smoke oil pepper.

61 Degrees
1400 - 1800 / 4 hours.

Lovely, juicy and tender pork chop, a little too well done. the one with smoke salt and smoke oil was best.
Next time the temperature goes a degree down.
raw pork chop I badet Klar til servering


1kg pork neck
Seared with butane burner before and after cooking..
1 tbs smoke salt
1 tsp smoke oil
1 1/2 bay leaf
1 tsp ground coriander

68 degrees
140112/1700 - 150112/1900 26 hours

Nice piece of pork. Very tender but not to tender to handle. Perfect. A little pink.
Burnt pork neck. Nakkefilet sous vide skåret nakkefilet sous vide klar til servering


1,6kg Ham
Seared on a skillet.
1 tbs salt
1 tsp sucker
1 tsp rosemary

65 degrees
10 hours

Lovely peace of meat, great taste, tender, but a little on the dry side ! Overall a nice experience. Served with oven baked potatoes and butter with thyme, pepper, tarragon and a dash of rice wine vinegar