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Sous Vide chicken breast
Cooking temperature and time table:
When cooking poultry Sous Vide it is very important that the core temperature exedes of 55 degrees Celsius to avoid food poisoning. Most people chose a temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius. This way the poultry os both safe to eat moist and delicious.

Rare: 51.5
Medium-rare: 54.5
Medium: 60.0

Cooking time:
In general, the cooking time is lover regarding poultry, because the meat structure in itself is quite tender. It is seldom that cooking time exedes 1,5 hour.
Duck breast56,54 hour
Turkey breast64,51,5 hour
Chicken breast61,01,5 hour
Chicken fillet61,01,5 hour

Notes and pictures of Sous Vide poultry:
Turkey breast
Chicken breast

1 pcs turkey breast 900g.
Seared in cast iron skillet, added smoke salt, smoke oil, onion powder and chilli.

64,5 Degrees
1550 - 1950 / 4 Hour.

I have not been eating turkey breast for years, mainly because of the meat would be dry and boring.
The result was realy positive. I have never eaten a turkey breast that is so moist end tender. The structure is very good. I highly recommend trying this recipe out.
Turkey breast seared and vacuum sealed Turkey breast on the plate

1 pcs chicken breast.
Seared on cast iron skillet, added smoke salt and smoke oil.

60,0 degrees
1630 - 1800 / 1,5 hour.

I soaked the chicken breast in a brine for two hours before vacuum sealing it and putting it in the waterbath. Served with fresh pasta in a creamy sauce with champignon and fresh basil and a couple of cherry tomatoes.
Chicken breast sous vide is highly recommended.
Seared sous vide chicken breast