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Laks tilberedt mi cuit One of the big advantages cooking fish Sous Vide is that it is possible to control the koagulating of the albumin. This means that you can avoid the white stuff that comes out of the fish when you cook it the traditionel way. This techniqe is called Mi-Cuit. See picture on the right.
The Sous vide cooked fish appears to be raw while it actually is cooked. Be prepared to eat the most juicy fish you have ever eaten.
Fish should not be cooked sous vide for long periods of time. 15 to 20 minutes often is enough.
Be absolutely sure that the fish you use is 100% fresh and have been frozen. If it is good enough for sushi, it is good enough for fish sous vide.
Cooking temperatures for fish.

Rare: 42.0
Medium-rare: 50.0
Medium: 60.0

Notes and pictures of Sous Vide fish:
Salmon Mi-Cuit
Salmon Mi-Cuit in a beercooler

1 pcs salmon fillet. Cut in two.
Lemon, salt, pepper and dill in the vacuumbag.

Small potaotes, boiled and seared on the skillet and added salt.
Dill souce with a twist of lemon.

1620-1730, 55 degrees.

This was my first attempt with salmon Mi-cuit, so I was a little on the safe side. To high temperature and far to long time. But all in all it was a realy good peace of fish.

Vacuum sealed salmon. Last swim Ready to searve

1 pcs salmon fillet. Cut in two.
Lime, salt, pepper, dill and garlic in the vacuum bag.

Small potatoes, boiled and seared on the skillet in duck fat and garlic. Salt added.
Dill sauce with a twist of lime.
1700-1730, 50 degrees.

Because the cooking temperature is below 55 degrees it is important that the fish is 100 % fresh.
For the sake of comparison, you can see two pieces of cooked salmon below. The one is cooked at 55 degrees Sous Vide, and the other is cooked at 50 degrees Mi-suit.

Salmin with albumin:
Salmon with albumin
Salmon cooked Mi cuit:
Salmon cooked mi cuit

As the term, Mi-Cuit indicates, the salmon is only half cooked, or half baked. This was the best piece of salmon I have ever tasted. It fell apart and was unbelieveble moist and juicy.
Salmon Mi Cuit