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Kartofler sous vide
This page will be about the non meat related Sous Vide aspects of cooking, like vegetables and desserts.
All though Sous Vide is excellent for cooking meat, it is also great for other things, as we will be exploring here.

Notes and pictures:
Creme Brulee
Dolche De Leche

Sous Vide in a beer cooler:
Salmon Mi cuit

Creme brulee 4 pers.

Before serving, sprinkle the creme with cane sugar and burn with a butane burner until desired level of caramelization is acquired.

creme brulee, Bon appetit.

Cane sugar for sprinkles
5 dl whipping cream
4 big egg yolks
70 g white sugar sukker
1 vanilla bean

Temperature: 83,0
35 min

Lovely creme brulee. Rich and creamy.
creme before burning Creme beeing burnt Creme brulee ready for serving

Dolche De Leche

It is really easy to make dolche de leche in a waterbath. Just put your can of sweetened condensed milk in the waterbath and set the temperature for 82 degrees. Wait 8 hours, let the can cool down. Thats it.

Temperature: 82
8 hours

Realy creamy and full caramel. By all accounts a succes in my book.
Can of condensed milk Can in waterbath
Can a bit rusty The finished dolche de leche

Egg Sous Vide

After reading about this beeing called the perfect egg, I just had to try it out for myself.
Temperature: 64.0
45 min

The 2 eggs got served with a piece if rye with butter, chives and salt.

The procedure is really simple. Take the raw egg and submerge in the waterbath, wait 45 minutes. That is it.
The yolk got really good, but the egg white did not meet my expectations at all. Overall I think this is not worth the effort. The old fashioned way of boiling the egg works much better for me.
Egg cooked at different temperetures The infamouse sous vide egg

Peeled potatoes 800 g.

The potatoes got peeled, cut into small pieces and washed in cold water. In the bag together with the potaotes i added 1 tsp of thyme and i tsp of salt. Vacuum seal and submerged in the watherbath.

Temperature: 83.0
1 hour and 30 min

Really good potatoes. cooked without being mealy. In general a nice structure. I have done this several times by now.
Vacuum sealed potatoes

Fresh asparaguses.

Asparaguses was put in the bag with a little water and salt.

Temperature: 83.0
30 min

Spot on, not overcooked or blane.
Asparaguses sous vide